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Films on the big screen (Read 3549 times)
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Re: Films on the big screen
Reply #6 - 09/23/15 at 4:24pm
Interesting experience: I've just seen The Osterman Weekend in a theater for the first time. I'd seen the film several times at home of course, as well as several times in the alternative cut issued with the DVD extras by Anchor Bay. So I thought I could not really be surprised. And yet...
Well, I actually found it quite better than I thought I would and a lot more powerfull, despite its quite obvious flaws! I would actually love to see it again on the big screen.
And I can't wait to see Deadly Companions, The Killer Elite at the French Cinematheque, as well as Convoy!
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mike bishop
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Re: Films on the big screen
Reply #7 - 09/23/15 at 5:06pm
Well KILLER ELITE & CONVOY certainly belong up there on the big screen. They gain tremendously once projected in a cinema. The cinematography of both films is so good, it works very well against some of the flaws of both films Smiley.
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