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. . . . . . Yes indeed, the official home page of Nate Bundy is back up and boy isn't that exciting? Ok, so not so much. Oooooo, there is now some imagery and links! Exciting! (and dumb.) Don't look for too many updates because most of my time is spent working on the site of random media stuff: www.RealPoliticalFaceTalk.com (click the site url to go there) or on Twitter under @noirstate (see widget towards the bottom of the page.)
You can see my Amazon A-Store with all my faovire junk, check it out! You never know, you might find something you like! It's cluttered and I keep adding to the mess but go check out Noir State's A-Store:

. . . . . . A small project that I have been putting together for some time now is a discussion forum for fans of Sam Peckinpah called 'Earned in Blood'. The forum is now just called The Sam Peckinpah Forum and is at www.SamPeckinpah.com! I have been a huge Peckinpah fan for a long, long, time and starting the forum is my way of feeding my obsession with the late filmmaker. To check it out or join up, click the banner below:

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