. . . . ... Welcome to ‘Earned in Blood’ The Sam Peckinpah Forum, a discussion forum for fans of filmmaker Sam Peckinpah! For some time I had been kicking around the idea of starting a forum dedicated to Peckinpah and his work. Thus, I give you ‘Earned in Blood’ The Sam Peckinpah Forum, a discussion forum for Peckinpah fans. The former title was my ham-fisted reference to the high cost of living characters in Peckinpah’s films often endure. Many times they are weathered and worn by life, just trying to do what they do in a changing world. There is something about that struggle and that type of character that has always appealed to me. Peckinpah strikes me as a man who became something of a legend within his own time. I have said before that part of the magic of Peckinpah's work is that it is exceptional not
only because of but also in spite of Peckinpah’s personal demons. The man often created chaos wherever he went and
sometimes seemed to thrive on it. While the central focus of ‘Earned in Blood’ The Sam Peckinpah Forum is Peckinpah and his films, any discussion is welcome. I am just a dork who loves movies and especially the films of Sam Peckinpah. I'm hoping there are others out there with the same interests and this forum will become a place to babble about a great filmmaker. All comments, criticisms, suggestions and members are welcome but go easy on me as this is my first attempt at creating a forum. Click “forum” above to jump in. Feel free to contact me in the forum and let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by and if you like what you see, thanks for joining.
-Nate rpftwebmaster @ hotmail . com
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