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. . . . . . This is just the Facebook side of the forum. Nothing much that isn't already in the forum but if you want an easy way to spread the word about all things Peckinpah, this is an easy option. There may be added features in the future but for the time being the Facebook page is networking with other fan pages on Facebook. Join up and tell all you can about Earned in Blood. Click the badge to the left or click Sam Peckinpah Forum on Facebook to friend us.
The Films of Sam Peckinpah . . . . . . An early fan site that I still check out from time to time. The Message board on 'The Films of Sam Peckinpah' was in part, what made me want to start up 'Earned in Blood'.
El Dorado Productions . . . . . . The company run by filmmaker/ writer Mike Siegel. His long awaited documentary on Peckinpah is finally getting a release on DVD in 2009. Siegel's work on Peckinpah material was another part of what made me want to start a forum for fans of Sam Peckinpah.
Shooting the Ghost: A Podcast About Men . . . . . . A podcast by Jason Horsley that often discusses Peckinpah.
The Ghost of Sam Peckinpah . . . . . . A stop-motion film by Jason Brewer that pays tribute to Peckinpah.
Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown, at Wikipedia HERE and IMDb HERE . . . . . . A short, animated, student film, made by Jim Reardon that pokes some fun at the Charles M. SChultz characters, makes some Peckinpah references, and is dedicated to Sam "The Man" Peckinpah
IMDb . . . . . . Sam Peckinpah's entry at Internet Movie database.
Wikipedia . . . . . . Sam Peckinpah's entry at Wikipedia.
Cinema Retro . . . . . . A cool magazine that covers classic films and has had several Peckinpah related articles.
DVDBeaver . . . . . . Easily the best DVD/Blu-ray review site in the world. These guys are the best and they are super thorough. They love the cinema and often compare the various repeat releases of movies (including Peckinpah's.)


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links that are not as related to Sam Peckinpah as the above:
The Violent World of Parker . . . . . . A great site dedicated to the Donald Westlake/ Richard Stark character that can be found in many novels, starting with 'The Hunter'. Parker has made several appearances on film and two of my favorites are 'The Outfit' and 'Point Blank'.
Almost Darwyn Cooke's blog . . . . . . A blog dedicated to the very talented and popular artist. Coincidentally, Cooke has adapted the first three Parker books.
Manhunter The Complete Resource Site . . . . . .A great place that has just about EVERYTHING having to do with the underrated crime drama.
Michael Mann blog . . . . . . An enjoyable blog dedicated to one of my favorite filmmakers and all things relating to him.
Lou Romano's blog . . . . . . A very talented artist who has worked, amongst other things, on 'The Incredibles' and 'Up'.
Enrico Casarosa's Portfolio and Sketchbook . . . . . . The official site for Mr. Casarosa. I am so jealous of this man's talent. He is nowhere near as well known as he should be.
Twitch . . . . . . A very entertaining blog with news on action cinema from around the world.
A Fistful of Leone . . . . . . A great site dedicated to all things Sergio Leone.
Tomb IT May Concern An excellent blog from David A. Zuzelo on "Eurocine". Lots of great posts here but be aware that there is sometimes “not safe for work” content on the blog. If you know who Christina Lindberg is and like her in 'They Call Her One Eye' then chances are you will enjoy Tomb It May Concern.
The Deuce: the Grindhouse movie database . . . . . . Not too far from 'Tomb IT May Concern'. A source for info on all things Grindhouse.
If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, There'd Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats . . . . . . Just a site of random daily images. That may not sound like much but it is very addiction once you start going there. Many great, inspirational images can be seen here.
Cartoon Brew . . . . . . One stop source for all news relating to animation. I'm embarrassed by how much time I spend there.
Real Political Face Talk . . . . . . My other site. You can find random movie reviews and other junk there. -Nate B.
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